DJ Mag – 9/10 ‘Five mean and moody tracks’ ‘Great release as the norm from Sub Slayers’ ‘10/10 every release just oozes pure quality’


Toronto Is Broken dropped his latest EP on SubSlayers and it's already getting MASSIVE praise from DJs and dance floors! It's 5 tracks of intense breaks and DNB including the track "Ghost Network" featuring Anodyne Industries!



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The "Counterconditioning" EP is out now on Hopskotch Records. Get your copy now on Beatport!


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It Rained Fire [Clip] (Hopskotch Records 10.18.12) by AnodyneIndustries

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Summer is coming to a close and my annual frenzy surrounding Burningman is finally at an end! It's update time! The VIP remix for "Reconstruction" off of the Nightfall EP dropped a couple of weeks ago. It's free on Soundcloud so grab your copy before they run out!

Reconstruction (VIP)

New singles are set to drop on Hopskotch Records, Flourescent Feather and one more label TBA. Keep your ears to the ground for these.


A mess of new tracks are already in the works for a new EP coming soon(ish). Genres will be smashed, new styles born, expectations surpassed and Anodyne Industries will be in full effect come 2013!! Here's one sneak peak at what's in the lab right now. More previews to come...



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Countermeasures #13 is live! This set was recorded at the San Francisco regional Burningman Precompression event. Download it now!




(Sorry this wasn't uploaded to Soundcloud. They've gotten stricter about 3rd party use violations and live mixes fall into that category.)

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